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<<Even weave linen and the other period background fabrics tend to be in a 
prohibitive price range for many of  us. ...  I would be hard pressed to 
spend such money  ($50/60 per yard ) for many other purposes.  >>

I have had good luck using both drapery linen (washed in hot water to remove 
the sizing and dried in a hot drier to pre-shrink it) and clothing linen for 
my ground fabric for embroidery and embellished clothing.  I have had good 
luck finding close-to-evenweave linens by taking a couple straight pins and a 
measuring tape with me to the fabric store.   Then I stand there, measure out 
an inch in each direction, and count threads.  Most of the clothing linens 
I've found are in the 28 - 34 threads per inch range. Prices in my area have 
ranged from $9/yd. to $30/yd (for very heavy linen).  If the linen is more 
than a couple threads off even-weave, then I consider how I will place the 

Most blackwork bands look fine on non-evenweaves, particularly if the  
"stretch" (lesser count direction) is done along the length of the band 
(collars and cuffs, for instance). Counted cross-stitch and Assisi may not be 
as successful.

Your mileage may vary,
Eowyn Amberdrake, Caid
(Melinda Sherbring, Los Angeles)
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