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Wed May 12 20:37:40 PDT 1999


I just got back from Istanbul, where I bought a lovely embroidered cotton 
"dress" (tunic) and an embroidered cotton velveteen (I think) caftan. I 
bought them in the covered bazaar -- who knows how long they had been in the 
little shop.   

The white dress seemed a bit dull in color, so I hand washed it in cold water 
with a little Ivory soap and Biz in it (which is how I clean my needlework).  
Lots and lots of dust/dirt came out (I washed it 3 times before the rinse 
water ran clear).  The gold embroidery survived the washing in fine shape.  

Then I sniffed the caftan.  It seems to have an odor (tobacco smoke?), and 
given the experience with the dress, it also probably needs cleaning.  The 
caftan is embroidered with the same gold thread as the dress. 

Does anyone know how washable cotton velveteen is?  Is it likely to shrink 
appreciably in cold water and thus ruin the effect of the embroidery?  Has 
anyone else tried this?

Thanks for any advice you may have,
Eowyn Amberdrake, Caid  (Melinda Sherbring, Los Angeles) 
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