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Tue May 18 00:46:09 PDT 1999

pat fee wrote:

> Thank you for the information.  My friend still wants to know why she can't
> use the aida for a project if the design, such as Blachwork, an all over
> design is used.  I think whats she wants to know is are there any rules
> against it.  I told her that I think it could pass is she wanted to us it as
> part of her garb, but that it would be rejected as an A&S entry.
> Thanks again,
> Morganuse

I can't speak for A&S entries as I don't compete.  However, unless the project
covers most of the ground cloth I'd advise against using Aida.  It's a shame to
spend all that time producing lovely stitching only to have it on a
glaringly-modern weave.  And evenweaves really aren't that much more expensive -
they come in fibers other than linen.  I agree that linen can be a pain to stitch
on until you've practiced a bit; however, Monoco (a cotton evenweave from Charles
Craft) is very easy and often on sale at Jo-Anns.

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