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Charlene Charette charlene at
Tue May 18 00:41:57 PDT 1999

Mike Newell wrote:

> Dear Charlene:
> <There was an article on Hardanger in Piecework magazine not long ago
> (within the last year?).  I believe the author put it at around 1650.
> Anyone happen to have the citation handy?>
> Yes, but the author just  baldly stated the f act-- no documentation, back
> up, etc. Not what I would call research! Reminds me of some Victorian
> costume and needlework "scholars".....
> --Kathryn
> SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
> "too many centuries...too little time"

Yikes!  Is this old.  Anyway, if someone were interested enough she could
contact the author for more info.  If someone has the citation, please post it.

- --Charlene

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