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Tue May 18 00:51:29 PDT 1999

Carl/Anne Adamczyk wrote:

> The question, then, becomes "how does one document the use of a less than
> period fabric, when confronted with the prohibitive price of truly period
> fabrics, and justify it in the  face of overly picky judges in a
> competition?"

Get creative?  :-)  Seriously, if only the neckline and cuffs are embroidered
you can stitch those on the "good" stuff and then attach them to whatever fabric
you use for the rest of the chemise.  If you're embroidering large portions of
the chemise you don't need "embroidery" linen, just take a ruler and count the
threads in each direction of your regular material.  It probably won't be a true
evenweave, but it's usually close enough (like 36 x 34 for example).  I once
found a cotton, almost-even, weave at Wal-Mart for $1/yd.  I bought it to make a
shirt for my husband, but then I discovered it made wonderful embroidery
material.  So far I've used it for blackwork chemise bands and pulled work

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