HNW - Blackwork thread counts

Charlene Charette charlene at
Tue May 18 00:53:38 PDT 1999

Linn Skinner wrote:

> The other issue is the relative weight of the spun linen used for weaving
> these fabrics.  We don't weave with such fine threads today so even our high
> count evenweave fabrics for embroidery (currently 45ct is available 50 is no
> longer produced) are really not "authentic" as the relative values of thread
> guage/space between thread is not reproduced.  Also the quality of our

How do the high-count silk gauze embroidery fabrics compare to those linens?  I
know they're way to expensive to use for costuming, but I'm trying to picture
what an authentic linen would be.

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