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Chris d'Aquino acacia63 at
Wed May 19 21:27:13 PDT 1999

Hi All

Don't forget alot of medieval fabric were not 'even weave' (same number of 
weft and warp threads in a given space)

I have also worked on normal linen and it is not as hard as you think - you 
have to play around a bit when you hit slubs and the thread thins so use 
which thread looks right rather than be rigid and count the threads.

It does look a lot better if the fabric on the neckine and cuffs is the same 
as the rest of the fabric.

Acacia d'Navarre
St Florians, Lochac, West Kingdom

PS - don't forget the fun of free style blackwork (no counting)
>Get creative?  :-)  Seriously, if only the neckline and cuffs are 
>you can stitch those on the "good" stuff and then attach them to whatever 
>you use for the rest of the chemise.  If you're embroidering large portions 
>the chemise you don't need "embroidery" linen, just take a ruler and count 
>threads in each direction of your regular material.  It probably won't be a 
>evenweave, but it's usually close enough (like 36 x 34 for example).  I 
>found a cotton, almost-even, weave at Wal-Mart for $1/yd.  I bought it to 
>make a
>shirt for my husband, but then I discovered it made wonderful embroidery
>material.  So far I've used it for blackwork chemise bands and pulled work

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