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Forwarding in case some of you haven't seen this and may be interested. I
contributed to the Jafar memorial quilt and it was a truly wondrous work to
behold -- Rhi

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Forwarded from the Rialto  <and middlebridge>

Unto all the good gentles of the Known World do we, Lady Tsaryl Larmer, and
Lady Katherine Lowell, give greetings.

During the past few days we have all been trying to come to terms with the
loss of Thorbjorn Osis, King of Ealdormere.  Osis was many things to many
people.  He was a King, a knight, a friend, an opponent on the field of
battle, and many other things to many other people.  There have been many
conversations about the memories we have of this man.  These memories
should be preserved.  It is for this reason that we are suggesting a
memorial quilt.  By collecting quilt patches from gentles who knew or knew of
Our King, we hope to create a picture of the man who touched many, and to
create a permanent memorial for his Beloved Queen to keep, so she may know
how he affected the lives of many, and how we share sorrow of his passing.

It is our hope to solicit quilt patches of 12inx12in with a 8inx8in
(20cmx20cm) centre piece, in any appropriate medium, applique, embroidery,
cross stitch,  etc, sharing a piece of your memory of Our King.  A poem, a
symbol, a thought, a design, a picture, any thing that to you symbolizes
something of who Osis was, and what he stood for.  We would collect the
patches from various events, or through mail, until the end of July, with
the hope of being able to display and present the quilt to Our Queen at
Gentles from anywhere in the known world are asked to contribute to this
project.  Hopefully through our combined efforts we can create a beautiful
memorial that will help keep Osis in our thoughts. 

If you wish for more information, including a mailing address, or events
that we or a representative will be at please feel free to email Katherine
(Katje) Lowell at cary at  

We thank you for your time 
In Service
Lady Tsaryl Larmer
Lady Katherine Lowell
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