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<<do any of you know where I could find small frames
suitable for award medallions in either gold or silver metal>>

Hedgehog Handworks (a mailorder embroidery supplier catering to SCA tastes) 
carries some, suitable for needlework or other media.  There are circular and 
oval ones. I used one for a parchment medallion for one new member of the 
Laurel.   Others have used them for needleworked medallions. Joady Gorelick 
is the proprieter (Mistress Xena Wynthorpe).  Hedgehog's toll-free number is 
(888) 670-6040. 

I have also used a "lucky poker chip" ring frame that I got in Las Vegas.  
Not as elegant, but it works fine. 

Eowyn Amberdrake, Caid
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