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Chris d'Aquino acacia63 at
Fri May 21 00:09:14 PDT 1999

>From what I have seen, the filling stitches are still counted.  That is
>what many of the small overall patterns are for.  But there is less
>counting needed as the outline tells you where to stop.

I agree that there are quite a few examples of filling with counted 
blackwork but alot is not.

There are a any number of examples where there is no filling at all and 
don't forget the other common filler - speckling stitch (which is a lot of 
small almost random stitches) which gives the figures an almost 3D effect.  
The difficulty is that they use a stylised form of shading and not the 
natural dimentional shading that we are used to.  It takes a bit of practice 
to shade in their manner and not ours (trust me after 5 attempts I am still 

Acacia d'Navarre
St Florians, Lochac, West Kingdom

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