HNW - Frames for medallions griffinhold at
Fri May 21 04:10:57 PDT 1999

I don't have any good references for places to find frames for
embroidered/needlepointed medallions.  However, I recently completed an opus
anglicanum medallion for a friend's elevation.  I'm rather pleased with the
way it came out, especially since I was on an extremely tight time frame (6
weeks start to finish).  The original concept had been for it to be sewn to
her cloak or hood, but she specifically requested it as a medallion.  Rather
than trying to find a frame (and partly because I couldn't find any
documentation for embroidered medallions) I mounted it on a cloth bag and
called it a reliquary bag.  The color of the silk bag matched the color in the
border, so it looked spectacular.  So that's an alternate idea to finding
frames.  Or you could mount the piece on a backing of leather that could then
be pinned to cloaks, etc.  Depends on the time period of your embroidery but
they could work.

Lyn Gillespie

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