HNW - Frames for award medallions

Connie Carroll Connie.Bunny at
Mon May 24 08:33:03 PDT 1999

Have you tried Jewelry catalogs? Rio Grande I believe has some. I 
haven't ordered any yet as I'm still going thru some I managed to find 
at Hobby Lobby (I think) Also found a wonderful wooden one as I also 
do embroidered awards medallions.Unfortunatly that was in Ansteorra 
and I now live in MidRealm.

Kassandra NickKraken

> Gentle cousins - do any of you know where I could find small frames
> suitable for award medallions in either gold or silver metal? I've
> certainly seen the plastic ones that are sold at JoAnn's and the
> like, but hate putting all that time into award medallions to frame
> the result in something dead cheap-looking. (Plus I've already
> volunteered an award medallion to be auctioned off at a local event
> for charity.) 
> I know they're out there, somewhere. At one time I had a local store
> that would special order them for me  for about $10 but the store
> has changed owners and won't order them any more...
> Rhiannon Ottersdale - Midrealm
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