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Wed Sep 1 06:12:50 PDT 1999

Kassandra NickKraken wrote:

> I thought they were talking about an embroidered awards scroll. 
> That's what I need some information on. I know some people have done 
> one but I've never had the fortune to see one. If anyone who has or 
> has seen one could please tell me more about it I would be grateful.

Seen one?  I've *done* one! :)

Earlier this summer, the Atlantian Embroiderers' Guild presented 
our "petition for charter" to Queen Niobe at the Kingdom Arts 
Festival.  (It's an SCA thing ...) The charter had to be done *really* 
quick -- I had to get approval on the text, work up a suitable design, 
and embroider the whole thing in less than two weeks.

I ended up working the whole thing in backstitch, or double running 
stitch, in some places.  (You can see the text of the charter at  The header of 
the charter was basically an outlined large calligraphy hand (I think 
it's a style called straight blackletter) and the body of the charter 
was a more realistic-looking rendition of a much narrower style of 
calligraphy (looking kind of like the batarde styles but less loopy).  
The lettering from the header was pretty much copied faithfully from 
a modern book of lettering styles for counted work embroidery, but 
the lettering for the body was a little more organic which I think 
helped it to look more like real calligraphy.  (The "signatures" were 
all done in a fairly blocky small lettering style.)

There was really nothing terribly ornamental about it.  It was 
worked in good old DMC 310 on the kind of Irish linen that comes 
in a plastic tube.  I had worked it on my scroll bars, so it was 
presented rolled up on the scroll bars -- so as to look like a real 
scroll.  Plus, since Niobe wanted to embroider her signature 
herself, I had the rest of the scroll bar frame ready, along with a 
bunch of supplies in case she wanted to embroider it that evening :)

If I do another embroidered SCA scroll, it will probably be much 
more colorful.  As soon as I get the scroll back, I will try to get a 
picture of it to put online with the charter webpage.

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