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Wed Sep 1 06:35:38 PDT 1999

i have seen two embroidered awards scrolls.

one was done by a husband for his wife, i think it was her AOA, it was about
16 by 20 (maybe the next size up), in crossstitch.  it was done as a church
wall (the curved part when you look up), it had two large angels on either
side of the arch, with two small rose windows below the angels, (there was
something else on there (i think it was her arms, but i don't remember what
they are), then below was the script between two columns.    you know how
people look at the back to see the mess of threads, his was absolutely
clean.  no knots, no dragging from one place to the next, even in the script
where the words were close together, there was no thread running to the next
word.  it was absolutely georgeous. 

the other was an arts awards scroll, the recepient was into herbs, so the
design around the wording was done in all different types of herbs, quite

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> I thought they were talking about an embroidered awards scroll. 
> That's what I need some information on. I know some people have done 
> one but I've never had the fortune to see one. If anyone who has or 
> has seen one could please tell me more about it I would be grateful.
> Kassandra NickKraken
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