HNW - Re: embroidered scrolls

Rowena rowena at
Thu Sep 2 09:41:05 PDT 1999

> >  I've seen them in the East from 'bout 8x8 to about 12x16.   That
> > does not include the yards long one from this Pennsic, but those that
> > been done just about as our "normal" scrolls would be.
> Feet or inches?  What size are your normal scrolls
    Sorry - inches.
    I have one that is 7x10",  2 that are 8x11", two that are 12x16, and one
that is 16x20.   Most of the ones I ran around and checked seem to fall in
here somewhere.  The embroidered ones that Lord Kennard has done fall into
these sizes.  The terrific scribes of Aethelmearc and the East, and the
people who do embroidered scrolls, often try to make it a standard frame

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