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Thu Sep 2 16:42:29 PDT 1999

PICTURES, PEOPLE, PICTURES!, says she who can no longer contain herself.
This is such a WONDERFUL idea! I'm drooling as I read this thread! I was
just talking to a friend the other day about my wish to get into
illumination and what better way than to combine it with the fibre arts
which are my true love. Where do you get your medieval patterns, especially
those of people working on projects as mentioned in this message? I have a
few patterns, but nothing compared to what it seems that you other wonderful
stitchers have access to. Stuck out here on the East coast, patterns are
scarce to say the least. Or, are you going to make me even more jealous and
tell me that you design your own? If so, I'm moving in with whichever one of
you will have me. I'm a competent sewer, but not great, although I'm
learning all the time. Is the entire winter okay? ;)

Morgana O'Seachnasaigh

>Is this where I get to brag???
>Three years ago, I did a multi-stitch (satin, chain, split, leaf, laid and
>couched) embroidered scroll for a new Calontir Laurel, being recieved for
>her work in fiber arts. The size was 18"x30", done in the French Gothic
>style with lots of bars and vines. Two pictures were done in the middle,
>showing people performing two of the arts she is involved in. I don't
>remember what script I used, and I didn't get to fill in the background
>behind the writing. The Crown only gave me five weeks to get it done.
>There used to be pictures on a friend's web page. I'll see if he still has
>them up, and where.
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