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At 08:42 PM 9/2/99 -0300, you wrote:
>PICTURES, PEOPLE, PICTURES!, says she who can no longer contain herself.
>This is such a WONDERFUL idea! I'm drooling as I read this thread! I was
>just talking to a friend the other day about my wish to get into
>illumination and what better way than to combine it with the fibre arts
>which are my true love. Where do you get your medieval patterns, especially
>those of people working on projects as mentioned in this message?

OK, Fiondel went to Bonfield Battles, and will be gone until tuesday.

But as for the "patterns", there are plenty of books on illumination that
will fill up most of the background. The scenes of people dying and
spinning/weaving were taken form a couple different books that had period
woodcut illustrations to go along with the tet describing that specific

Don't expect to be able to find eveything you are looking for, tho. We had
a three month, nation wide, six net lists search for a period illustration
of people felting  (the Laurel's third main area) with ZERO results. 

But yes, after the pictures were found, they were freehand drawn and then
embroidered over. Sorry.  And don't get twisted into believing *you* have
to draw the patterns. Her husband drew the designs, then she did the
stitching. There is nothing wrong with getting assistance. Judges even give
additional points when credit is given to others for their help on your piece.

I have a email to the webpage owner to see if he will put it back up. 

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