HNW - Re: embroidered scrolls

Connie Carroll Connie.Bunny at
Thu Sep 2 21:07:02 PDT 1999

Are you saying she embroiders the illuminations on the back of capes? 
Are they appliqued?
Are there photos of these as I'd love to see them?


> >PICTURES, PEOPLE, PICTURES!, says she who can no longer contain
> >herself. This is such a WONDERFUL idea!
> We have one embroiderer who does "needle painting" with split stitch
> (certainly a period technique!  She has taken illuminations and
> embroidered them, and the result is spectacular.  This has not been
> part of a scroll project, but this method could be used in that way.
> She has 2 of these on the backs of capes - most impressive.
> Carllein
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