HNW - Ambuter's "The Open Canvas" in paperback

Ann Prochowicz annproch at
Fri Sep 3 15:22:16 PDT 1999

I have a copy of Carol Ambuter's "The Open Canvas" for sale on Ebay right
now. It was a given to me by a friend who was cleaning her book collection.
I already have a copy, so this one's up for sale.


Title of item:                   The Open Canvas by Carolyn Ambuter
Minimum bid:                     $14.00
Quantity:                        1
Auction Ends on:                 09/11/99 at 16:32:45 PDT

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> From: Carol Thomas <scbooks at>
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> Subject: Re: HNW - Ambuter's "The Open Canvas" in paperback
> Date: Friday, September 03, 1999 4:13 PM
> >>Ambuter. You can usually find copies of this at used book stores. (Well
> >>worth it, also.) I've seen at least a dozen in the last few years. This
> >>must have been a club selection or something, since there are so many
> >>around!
> >
> >Try ISBN 0-89480-171-6 for the paperback version.  I got my copy new
> recently.
> What she said - Carolyn Ambuter.
> The paperback went oop a couple of years ago, so you lucked out and found
> an unsold copy.  I checked it today, and there is no indication that it
> been reprinted.
> Too bad - I had my hopes up that it had become available again!  It is
> of my favorites.  I agree that getting a used copy is worth it.
> Carllein
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