HNW - Netting and Needlelace

Lori Martell redek at
Fri Sep 3 22:06:36 PDT 1999

>Well last night saw my first attempt at netting, and I'm pleased to say that
>by the third or fourth row I had the hang of it enough that it was starting
>to look quite uniform and neat.  (Neatness counts in My World...)  My main
>aim is to get it small enough and neat enough to try Lacis on my own net -
>am I mad?!?

Only if I am too  :)  although that is a debatable subject among my friends  ;)

>My questions:
>Does anyone know a good resource for netted caul patterns?  I figure they'll
>make nice gifts for the ladies of my SCA household.  I know something was
>put on the List a while back but I stupidly didn't keep the details.

I have a few books that have doilies in them... and there are a few doilies 
on the net at Rita's site:

Like has been said, it is easier to just make the doily and then run a 
ribbon through the outside nets to draw them up for a caul.

The caul that I"m working on now is nothing more than simple increases 
(started with 15 net, second round increased in each one to 30 net, third 
round increased in every other one to 45 net... then every 2nd one... every 
third one.. every fourth one and so on to whatever size looks good -- I did 
do a plain (no increases) row every so often so it didn't get too big too 
fast) with 2mm gold beads every so often (so far on the increase 
stitches)....  I"m making it for one of my "adopted" daughters  :)

Hope this at least kind of makes sense  :)

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