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Sat Sep 4 11:18:31 PDT 1999

OK, I have a chance to do something other than lurk for a change.  First
question, does anyone have documentation for embroidered scrolls?  I found one
embroidered scroll in a museum, but it's Elizabethan era.  Does anyone have
any other information for earlier periods?

Second, for netting hairnets.  I just followed the pictures of some original
hairnets in the Museum of London's Textiles and Clothing book and it came out
quite well.  I like the idea of following a doily pattern though as I have
seen hairnets in museums since that have less cast-on stitches than the one in
the MoL book.

Lastly, I also like to do goldwork, though I tend to do more underside
couching and opus anglicanum than using purl etc.  However I am planning to do
my arms in couched gold.

Lyn Gillespie

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