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>OK, I have a chance to do something other than lurk for a change.  First
>question, does anyone have documentation for embroidered scrolls?  I found
>embroidered scroll in a museum, but it's Elizabethan era.  Does anyone have
>any other information for earlier periods?

As far as I know, the one Fiondel did had no documentation for the
existance of a scroll per se. All the documentation she gathered was on the
various illustrations, illuminations, and script. 

Her desire to do the scroll was two fold: she wanted to contribute to the
kingdom, and VERY few embroidered scrolls had ever been done anywhere in
the society. She offered the Crown the chance to use one, and just happened
to luck out on who they were making a Laurel that reign. 

It was we who spoke of "Mit Nadel und Faden". An excellent resource on
period "needle and thread" work, except that it is all in german. I have
been slowly working on a translation, but it has not been a high priority
item for me personally. Fiondel merely asks for a translation of less than
a page when she finds something intriquing.

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