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Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Fri Sep 3 14:04:51 PDT 1999

>OK, I have a chance to do something other than lurk for a change.  First
>question, does anyone have documentation for embroidered scrolls?  I found one
>embroidered scroll in a museum, but it's Elizabethan era.  Does anyone have
>any other information for earlier periods?

I find one embroidered poem - in the middle of a 1500's German table cover
- - in one of my embroidery books about lettering for embroidery.  Not what I
would call a scroll in the SCA sense.  I can't identify the stitches in the
not-very-good b/w photo I have, but they are definitely counted-thread, and
resemble modern needlepoint.  The piece is (or was) in the V&A.

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