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Tue Sep 7 06:20:56 PDT 1999

- --- Kira Lathrop <klathr1 at> wrote:
> This is my first post to the list -- just subscribed
> on Wednesday.  I'm 
> delighted to see the current thread on embroidered
> scrolls and to find 
> evidence of other embroiderers who do
> needlepainting.  I've been working 
> with needlepainting and metal thread for several
> years now -- any other 
> goldworkers out there?
> Kira Lathrop  (sca Constance Grey)

I'm working on my first piece of or nue embroidery --
using it as an accent on my lord's favor.  So far I
think I have the spirit of it, if not the true intent
of or nue, but it looks pretty and he likes it, so
that's what counts.  I look forward to finally
finishing this, but I have to move first (the fabric
stash and craft stuff gets it's own room!  Yay!!).

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