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>I'm working on my first piece of or nue embroidery --
>What are you using for the gold?  Do you like it?

I've used Japanese gold, which I liked just fine, but found it very
expensive.  An alternative to that is a tube of gold wrapped thread used
for jewelry making.  It's 25 yards to the tube, about $2.80, and found in
the craft section.  Daria makes it, I think, and it's usually packaged in a
small plastic bag and hung on a pegboard.  It's a core thread wrapped in
gold (mylar?).  I like it better than any of the other gold cords I've tried.

>What are you using for the ground?

I've used linen and cotton.  More importantly, I've found that the
tightness of the weave is more important than the fiber content for the
ground.  I like a tight weave.

>Are you using silk or cotton for the color - how many strands?

I've used both.  For looks, silk didn't make that much difference.
Granted, I only tried one kind of silk, and I suspect that experimenting
with all those different kinds might make a difference.  DMC cotton works
just fine.  Haven't tried DMC rayon for Or Nué because I don't like it for
anything else anyway.

I have one picture on the web of a project I did in Or Nué, if you're

It's different from traditional Or Nué in that I worked around the petals,
instead of back and forth, and didn't do a lot of shading in the petals,
though you can see some in the leaves.  Also, I used to do dollhouse
miniatures in 1"=1' scale, so I tend toward very small stitches, using only
one thread.  The finished medallion is about 1 1/4 inches across.

I should also point out that I make a transfer for my medallions.  It's
printed from the computer and ironed onto the fabric, so there's a certain
amount of stiffness to the design.  It makes it very easy to work, no
hoops, and I can carry it anywhere.


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