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Not sure why this went to the list owner address rather than the list.

- --Charlene

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Hello, all!
        With summer officially over, the kids back at school and everyone
around here already talking about taking precautions for winter, the old
grey cells have been working a little bit overtime. How many people on this
list are from New Brunswick, Canada, and how many are from the Maritimes?
I'm interested in forming or helping foster a guild or preservation group
for the needlearts of some sort in New Brunswick. Is that vague enough?
        There are some marvelous handworkers in my immediate area with the
stitching basics of quilting, crochet, knitting, plastic canvas decoration
(not my personal favourite, but very popular all the same), and cross stitch
coming quickly to mind. I would like to see some sort of format to protect
and promote these types of needlecraft and so many others. I've also seen a
switch to the philosophy that you must have a souped up sewing machine if
you are to turn anything out. I feel a great sense of loss at this idea as
you can all atest that some of the most wonderful pieces have been produced
with a simple needle, some rough ground cloth and a length of thread.
        I'd be interested in hearing about others interested in the same thing.

        On another note, is there anyone here who is also on the SCA-garb
list who can tell me how to subscribe since it move to the new quarters. I
left the list when I went on vacation and now can't seem to get back on. I
would love to know what went on at Pennsic, at the very least.


Vanessa Packman/Morgana O'Seachnasaigh

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