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Krystal Morgan krystalmorgan at
Tue Sep 7 19:18:39 PDT 1999

I subscribed to the list a few days ago, and I am enjoying it very much.

I tried my hand at Punto in Aria many years ago. I like Kim's idea of using
a scrap of leather for the foundation. I used black posterboard, and drew
the design on it with a white  fine-line dressmaker's pencil

I worked my medallions with linen lacemaker's thread, and used quilter's
thread as the couching thread. I was afraid regular sewing thread might
snag, or catch on something and break. I also like Kim's idea of using
colored thread-- I didn't think of that. I unwound a length of linen from
the ball, but didn't cut it. When I couched what I had unwound, I unwound
some more, and cut the thread only when I had finished couching the design.
That way I didn't have to worry about ends creating weak spots.

2 more books worth looking for are Oenone Cave's mis-named "Cutwork
Embroidery," which actually gives detailed instructions for Reticella, and
several beautiful photographs of 16th c. pieces. This is a Dover book, in
print and less than $10. The Reticella patterns can be used for Punto in
Aria. Virginia Churchill Bath's "Lace" was published by Penguin Books in
1979, but might be available through interlibrary loan or used book search.
It contains only a few pages on Punto in Aria, but they feature a photograph
of a 16th C. Italian chalice veil, and pattern adapted from it.


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