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Tue Sep 7 21:32:36 PDT 1999


Just joined the list yesterday. Followed the thread on this book and thought 
why not for grins check with Barnes and Noble's out of print section.

Found two copies of the original edition. One is $585 and the other is $520. 
Both seem to be in decent shape. If anyone can afford this, here's your 
source. Good luck.:-)

Also tried to find info on "The Annotated Arnold" from both B&N and Unfortunately, no luck. Anybody try Powells Books in Portland, 
OR? They have a huge network. Couldn't hurt.

On another note, both B&N and carry the reprinted Dover editions 
of Herbert Norris' Costume and Fashion. Ancient Europe (Vol 1) should become 
available in October; thus rounding out the set (although I have heard 
rumors of other books in the series and remember seeing something while I 
was browsing in Pegasus and the MELVYL system(which is a search engine for 
college libraries). I think it was in a Southern California university 
library, San Diego maybe? Does anyone know anything about these extra 


Enyd Draenengles, Mists, West
(mka) Lonna L. Johnson

costumer/librarian/natural scrounger/and just plain curious
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>Mike Newell wrote:
> > Maria Schuette's "Pictorial History of Embroidery" (the book we all want 
> > own) has a photo of a 16th century music book-- the cover says "Countra
> > Tenor: . The caption says the pages are embroidered, but this is the 
> > example that I  know of.
>If I may gloat a little....  Today I recieved my copy of "The Art of 
>(the UK title for this book).  Got it for £84 ppd!
>I'm still researching the possibility of getting a reprint.
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