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Kim Salazar kbsalazar at
Wed Sep 8 13:34:47 PDT 1999

I offer this up a dimly remembered example of a page of dense text in 
stitching, and ask if anyone else has seen this particular illustration.

In my notes I had a photocopy of a late period (late 1500s/early 1600s) 
counted thread work.  It was a page of Hebrew text.  The text covered the 
cloth almost completely, and was bordered by a narrow geometric Greek Key 
style interlace also in counted work.  A very simple needle lace picot 
edging finished the work.  It looked to have been executed in cross stitch 
(perhaps long-armed cross stitch) on linen, but the picture was quite small 
and difficult to make out in photocopy.  I believe the Hebrew was text from 
a Haggadah, the prayerbook for the Passover seder.

Someone gave this single sheet to me years ago for my "collection" - 
without any citation of which book it was from. (Perhaps it came from 
Duchess Melisande, but my memory fades...)  In any case, I've mislaid it 
and would love to replace it, with full annotation.  If you know of this 
page, I'd greatly appreciate any leads you can offer.

And if anyone is interested, I graphed out and stitched the Hebrew letters 
from that work on my own sampler and would happily share a scan of my 
work.  Please eMail me if you'd like the scan.  (Caveat:  Some of the 
final-letter forms I redid, but I don't remember which ones they were).

Kim Salazar
kbsalazar at
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