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Wed Sep 8 21:44:10 PDT 1999

Kim Salazar wrote:

> In my notes I had a photocopy of a late period (late 1500s/early 1600s)
> counted thread work.  It was a page of Hebrew text.  The text covered the
> cloth almost completely, and was bordered by a narrow geometric Greek Key
> style interlace also in counted work.  A very simple needle lace picot
> edging finished the work.  It looked to have been executed in cross stitch
> (perhaps long-armed cross stitch) on linen, but the picture was quite small
> and difficult to make out in photocopy.  I believe the Hebrew was text from
> a Haggadah, the prayerbook for the Passover seder.

I don't believe this is the same piece, but you might be interested.  Plate 345
in Shuette is from th 16th century.  The description says it's cross and
long-arm cross stitch.  The Hebrew inscription includes texts from the Psalms
and the Book of Genesis.  "Karla daughter of Salomo iben the work
of my hands."  There is a wide border on the piece that looks leafy to me.

Also of note, plate 344 is an embroidered song book.  Supposedly one of four.  I
wonder if this was intended for use.  Possibly not if it has survived.

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