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<sigh> I am up to the eyeballs in projects at the moment, but one of these
days I'll tackle this.

Thanks for this Megan, I can't wait to see this when you get it
photographed.  Perhaps we can get it up on the WcoB website too when that
happens (?).

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, I'm pretty sure that Joady at Hedgehog
Handworks sells the same type of metallic japanese cord that Megan mentioned
in her posting.  It's a twisted triple ply metallic cord which is really
nice to use, I've used the silver and gold very successfully in couching
projects.  The only thing is, it needs a gentle turn every now and then in
the same direction of the twist to stop it unravelling into 3 separate
strands.  Not a real problem.

(SCA - Bartolomeo Agazzari.  Innilgard, Lochac)
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	I am finally catching up on my list reading (too much work - too

	I am working on an Or Nue piece for our Baron and Baroness, and am
	it very interesting! (I have had to break for 8 weeks - I had a
	handkerchief to do for a friend of mine - silk on a hanky in split,
	detatched buttonhole and satin stitches, with embroidery on all 4
sides and
	chrochted edging.  I must be mad!)

	I have used a close-woven linen, and traced the design directly onto
	linen.  I then work from the bottom up (although I know a few people
	work from the top down), couching both the gold cord down and the
colours as
	I go, so that I am always working in sight of the pattern on the

	I have used a gold couching thread that I bought through Mistress
	in Adelaide and it is really good - nice thickness and flexibility.
	costs $8.00 per roll.  I have done this one using 2 strands of DMC
	cotton - and won't do it again!  (live and learn).  I have found on
	portions of the pattern where the whole design is covered by colour,
I am
	getting a "bump" in the pattern - due to the thickness of the 2
strands of

	Next time I will use 1 strand preferably of silk and see how I go.

	I am taking photos of the piece in progress, and making notes for an
	I am going to write on working the piece (yes Bess - it's for the

	I must admit that I love doing goldwork and have decided to
concentrate on
	doing Metal Thread embroidery, and also Elizabethan styles
	raised work, etc). 

	And for my next piece:  Or Nue with a difference- using silver cord
	of gold as the background.

	I am really glad that there are a lot of other people out their
doing Or Nue
	(or have done it). It's really worth having a go at - and is really

	Megan McConnell
	(known SCA:  Madilayn de Mer)


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