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Thu Sep 9 18:31:28 PDT 1999

Megan wrote:

>I am working on an Or Nue piece


This sounds great, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it.  When
you've worked it out, you can teach me - I haven't tried any or nue yet.

>Next time I will use 1 strand preferably of silk and see how I go.

Yep, two strands is a problem for split stitch.  I'd recommend Madiera
silks for it, although I think it's a bit too heavy for opus anglicanum, so
it might also be for this.  I haven't been able to find a really good fine
silk in a good enough range of colours, although I'm planning on trying the
gutermann silks (designed for machine sewing) for my next project, which
will be the Lochac Laurels cloak, if I ever finish my thesis (big sigh).  I
have used the rayon stuff sold as  'Art Silk' as a silk substitute quite
successfully - it's quite fine and comes in a good range of colours,
although it's not so good on softer colours.  For my opus anglicanum pouch
I mixed the rayon with the madiera, but when I cam to faces and hands, I
split one strand of the 'ver au soie' (?) silk, available from Stadia, to
get a thread fine enough.  It was very fragile and I could only work in
short lengths, but it gave me the result I wanted.

>I am taking photos of the piece in progress, and making notes for an article
>I am going to write on working the piece (yes Bess - it's for the Company).


>And for my next piece:  Or Nue with a difference- using silver cord instead
>of gold as the background.

I think this would be very pretty.  Do you have evidence for silver or nue
in period?  I suspect that silver might have been more problematic than
gold as it would have tarnished - not a problem with the modern 'pretend'
silver stuff I've seen (anyone know what it's made from?), and possibly not
something they worried about.

>I am really glad that there are a lot of other people out their doing Or Nue
>(or have done it). It's really worth having a go at - and is really easy.

That's very encouraging - it's always looked very difficult.  But then I
have seen the Golden Fleece vestments close up, and it's possibly not
necessary to start with a piece on that scale!


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