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Fri Sep 10 13:56:45 PDT 1999

> Question 2)  What kind of silk did they use?  It isn't twisted, so I want
> to call it floss.  It flattens out in the stitches till all the fibres are
> parallel
> You're right, it's silk floss. [snip] You're looking for stranded silk instead
> of twist.

Just throwing my $.02 in.  This is also called flat silk so you might find it
under that name as well.  Another place I know to get flat silk is

>  When you're laying the silk you can use a needle or pin to straighten the
> fibers as you tighten the stitch to make the silk lay down nice and smooth.

You can also find a neat little tool called appropriately, a laying tool.  It
has a little band that fits around your finger with a huge tapestry needle
soldered on.  I find having it on my finger to be very convenient.  Great little

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