HNW - free or cheap blackwork patterns

Carol Thomas scbooks at
Fri Sep 10 19:26:12 PDT 1999

>Greetings everyone! I am looking for blackwork or
otherwise but
>preferably free (im so poor, i cant even pay attention)I have found the
>blackwork embroidery website and have used her patterns on a regular
basis. Does
>anyone else know of any other sources? 

Go to your local library.  Ask which librarian does interlibrary loan.  Be
very, very nice to this source of wonderful things.

For 50 cents each, my local library has brought me blackwork books from all
over the country, to borrow for 2 weeks.  You can get a LOT of patterns
that way!

You could make a period sampler - which just means doing a little bit of
each pattern on a piece of cloth for future reference.  


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