HNW - Craftsman-period embroidery (reply)

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Fri Sep 3 17:31:34 PDT 1999

>Question 1)  What kind of linen did they use?  It looks like aida cloth
>which has been washed a few times, and isn't always white.

>It's modern name is evenweave linen: 

I've seen many kinds of linen sold for embroidery, but never any like the
Craftsman-period stuff.  Most of what I see is burlap-like in texture, at
about half the gauge of actual burlap, and not very densely woven.  I've
never seen anything like the old cloth.  Neither has anyone at any shop I
have shown old pieces to.  So if you're sure the stuff I need is called
'evenweave linen', I will go back and look again.  BTW, I already figured I
was looking at many dollars per yard for whatever it was.

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