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Mon Sep 13 00:14:17 PDT 1999

Kayta said:
>I've seen many kinds of linen sold for embroidery, but never any like the
>Craftsman-period stuff.  Most of what I see is burlap-like in texture, at
>about half the gauge of actual burlap, and not very densely woven.  I've
>never seen anything like the old cloth. 

Not that this is going to help anyone but I couldn't resist the chance to
gloat:  when I was in Germany last year, I stumbled across the sampler
museum (Stickmuster Museum) in Celle near Hannover.  Not only does this
house a fabulous collection of 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th century samplers,
it also sells needlework materials, and had some late 19th century
handwoven linen, bought from a deceased estate for a not too extortionate
price.  So now I have about a metre.  It is glorious stuff.  Almost
evenweave and very densely woven.  I expect that I will eventually figure
out what I want to use it for, but for the time being, I'm happy to take it
out and gloat every so often.

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