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Mon Sep 13 08:32:36 PDT 1999

Hi Kayta,
To view linen evenweaves that many embroiderers use modernly to recreate
early pieces, try going to a store that sells Zwiegert, or Wilchet Imports
fabrics.  I was going to suggest that you thier websites
(, and,
but on checking, I didn't really see any examples of fabrics.  I have used
both of these companies fabrics (not advertising, just satisfied customer)
and cannot say that I have seen anything burlap like.  I think that maybe
you haven't been looking at high enough counts of threads per inch.

Just last week I got some 45 ct. Linen from a zweigert supplier (through a
class) and am very pleased with it's fineness.  I don't know the cost per
yard as it came with the class kit, but the stores that I frequent are more
than happy to sell parts of yards.  I also know that Nordic Needle
( does the same thing, if you don't have a
source near you.  

By the way, I have a color card of Zweigert fabrics with swatches on it, if
you'd like, I'll check there for the type you're looking for.  If it's just
that you're looking for a finely woven evenweave linen, then I believe
you'll be able to get what you want.  Just decide what count fabric you
want, and away you go.

If any of this is unclear, sorry. Just let me know and I'll attempt to

Jacuqie Samples

At 05:31 PM 09/03/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>>Question 1)  What kind of linen did they use?  It looks like aida cloth
>>which has been washed a few times, and isn't always white.
>>It's modern name is evenweave linen: 
>I've seen many kinds of linen sold for embroidery, but never any like the
>Craftsman-period stuff.  Most of what I see is burlap-like in texture, at
>about half the gauge of actual burlap, and not very densely woven.  I've
>never seen anything like the old cloth.  Neither has anyone at any shop I
>have shown old pieces to.  So if you're sure the stuff I need is called
>'evenweave linen', I will go back and look again.  BTW, I already figured I
>was looking at many dollars per yard for whatever it was.

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