HNW - [ProtoNet] [Mid] A Book of Hours on eBay - lots of pictures!

Ree Moorhead Pruehs rpruehs at
Mon Sep 13 18:15:09 PDT 1999

Passing this on in the hopes that y'all can view the scans of this truly
INCREDIBLE piece of work before it disappears.


- ------------

>>Caligrapher/Illuminator Alert!
>>There is a complete 15 century French Book of Hours for sale on eBay.
>>Ordinarily I wouldn't make a big deal of it, but the person selling it has
>>included over 25 different pictures in his eBay posting, some of very fine
>>detail and some of whole pages and artwork. The pictures are very good
>>quality, and I'm sure the C&I folks would want to see these.
>>The entry is at:
>>(this should all be on one line in your browser). It will take some time to
>>load, due to the large number of pictures. Also, as I write this, the
>>auction is open for only two more days, so you'd better hurry.

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