HNW - Craftsman-period embroidery (reply)

Laura Shumar lshumar at
Tue Sep 14 08:56:40 PDT 1999

I don't have the original message, but I've found some cotton that
resembles Katya's description of the craftsman-period fabric.  It's,
as she said, burlap like, and not densely woven, and with a finer
gauge (about 20 count, as I remember - it's buried in my closet
someplace).  It's much softer than burlap, and drapes nicely.

Anyway, I found this stuff at my local Jo-Ann's awhile ago, over
with the cheap chambrays.  I don't remember any special name
for did seem out of place.  If it turns up again (I wish I'd bought
more!) I'll be sure to let you know.


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