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Liz /cozit cozit at
Tue Sep 14 10:34:26 PDT 1999

Nice and short.  There is a needlework/cross-stitch pattern available
for the picture for May in the Duc deBerry's (sp?) Book of Hours.  There
is a major distributor who is considering carrying it, and when the
translation is complete it *will* be sold at the museum that houses the
Book (approved already), but right now, the creator is selling them from
her house for under $20.

If you're interested, e-mail me and I'll give you her e-mail
address...she's got an information "sheet" she'll e-mail on it.

My e-mail is cozit at   Sorry to take up the space, but it's
gorgeous, and there are a couple of people who are on the list who have
mentioned they were interested even before the final layout was
complete. (Other pictures from the Book will be created at later dates.)

- -Elisabeth
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