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Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Tue Sep 14 18:36:34 PDT 1999

>Go to your local fabric store and find Osnaburg fabric.  This is quite
>similar to that used by Arts and Crafts embroiderers.  Only about $6/yd
>vs the $50/yd you will have to shell out for an evenweave linen.

I know about Osnaburg muslin.  It's the right texture but the wrong weight
for table runners or placemats.  I'd only use it for Craftsman period
curtains (for which it would be perfect).

I love this stuff, and use it for all my Ren. Faire shirts.  As it happens
I bought some yesterday.  I think it was $4/yd.  In fact, I had considered
doing some embroidery on it for the shirt.  The threads are just big enough
for me to count (my eyes are really bad).  

I just went and measured, and the thread count is about 35/inch.

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