HNW - Re: [STEPS] Gold thread

cynthia j ley cley at
Tue Sep 14 13:21:35 PDT 1999

Please send replies to Rose at nlazarus at, and thank you for your
help! She is not on this list.


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To: Naomi Lazarus <nlazarus at>

On Tue, 14 Sep 1999, Naomi Lazarus wrote:
 Does anyone know where I can get _real_ gold thread, suitable for
 and lace-making? I mean actual gold wire, drawn fine enough for these
 purposes? I have a project that I have been going to great lengths to
 from period materials, and I would really hate to have to finish it with
 plastic-wrapped cotton-poly crap from the fabric store. I also need a
 price estimate, if that's possible. (This could easily cost more than
 everything else combined.)

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