HNW - "Crochet: A Living Mystery"

Carolyn Kayta Barrows kayta at
Tue Sep 14 22:20:30 PDT 1999

BTW, everyone try to avoid that strange book whose title is
>>something like "Crochet: A Living Mystery". Once the author jumped to
>>various conclusions she felt she had "proved" that crochet was ancient,
>>then dragged in all sorts of other needlework forms for some reason I never
>>could fathom. Very odd.


>I actually bought that one, too, when I saw a copy on one of the used book
>services on the Web for under $30. I was very curious because a lot of
>people cite a particular example from that book and claim that it really
>*is* a piece of crochet from an Egyptian tomb.

If this is the book by Anne (something), then I too have seen it.  It has
lots of beautiful pictures of actual crochet from the period I mostly do
(Victorian), and 'may' be worth the price if all you want is pretty
pictures of that.  As scholarship - forget it.

OTOH, the author is the same person who puts out the 'Annie's Attic'
catalog, from Big Sandy, Texas.  (See  This
catalog has the most amazing collection of crochet kitch you can imagine.
crochet Barbie dresses, crochet toilet tank covers with matching crochet
accessories for the rest of the bathroom, crochet fridge magnets, crochet
tissue box covers - the whole catastrophe.  They even used to have some
plastic needlepoint canvas Barbie houses (directions only), including a
plastic canvas Western ski lodge with plastic canvas ski mobiles, a plastic
canvas cruise ship, a totally pink and flowers plastic canvas dressmakers'
shop, and a plastic canvas office complete with plastic canvas computer,
printer, monitor, desk, and swivel chair.  

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