HNW - reply - tambour vs chain stitch

Kira Lathrop klathr1 at
Wed Sep 15 11:42:56 PDT 1999

Hi Charlene,

It is easy to distinguish tambour work from chain stitch when you look at 
the back of the work.  Since chain stitch is worked with the thread on the 
top of the fabric and the thread is drawn completely through the fabric 
with each stitch, the only thing that shows on the bottom is a single 
stitch that looks like a running stitch.  Tambour work, because it is done 
with the thread on the underside, looping up to the top, has two threads 
that show on the bottom of the work.  Another way to think of tambour work 
is as a basic crochet stitch done with a piece of fabric in the middle -- 
anybody out there want to speculate about a connection between tambour and 

Kira (sca Constance

For those who have done both, once worked is it possible to distinguish
tambour from chain stitch (either front or back)?

- --Charlene

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