HNW - oops tambour vs chain stitch

Kira Lathrop klathr1 at
Wed Sep 15 13:47:32 PDT 1999

I was just reading Donna's post and realized that my previous post is 
She's right that the thread follows the same path even though it is fed 
from different sides of the fabric.

So the giveaway lies in the precision of the stitch; tambour is worked with 
the tool held vertically to the fabric, and the tendency in hand work is 
for the needle to enter and exit the fabric at a slight angle, giving the 
running stitch effect.  Hand work can also incorporate other elements into 
the stitch; open chain, twisted chain, etc. which tambour cannot do.


Kira (sca Constance)

Think of exactly where the thread is going.  You're making a loop by hand
in chain stitch, which is exactly the same loop you'd be pulling up with
the tambour hook.

The only way to tell would be to see if the needle is going exactly through
the same hole in the fabric with the same tension, both on the "up" stitch
and the "down" stitch.

If the needle misses, it can't be tambour work.


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