HNW - reply - tambour vs chain stitch

Donna Kenton kenton at
Wed Sep 15 11:55:39 PDT 1999

Gee, when I do tambour, I'm pretty sure there's only one thread that shows
on the bottom.  It's been a while, though, so I might be wrong.

You have one thread as a tail that sorta stays behind.  The other half is
the working thread, where you pull up the loop.

I'll have to double check.


At 11:42 AM 9/15/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Charlene,
>It is easy to distinguish tambour work from chain stitch when you look at 
>the back of the work.  Since chain stitch is worked with the thread on the 
>top of the fabric and the thread is drawn completely through the fabric 
>with each stitch, the only thing that shows on the bottom is a single 
>stitch that looks like a running stitch.  Tambour work, because it is done 
>with the thread on the underside, looping up to the top, has two threads 
>that show on the bottom of the work.  Another way to think of tambour work 
>is as a basic crochet stitch done with a piece of fabric in the middle -- 
>anybody out there want to speculate about a connection between tambour and 
>Kira (sca Constance
>For those who have done both, once worked is it possible to distinguish
>tambour from chain stitch (either front or back)?
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