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Diane S. Sawyer tasha_medved at
Thu Sep 16 07:26:04 PDT 1999

- --- Donna Kenton <kenton at> wrote:
> You take this little dingus which looks for all the
> world like the littlest
> crochet hook you have ever seen.  Most frequently
> mounted in a wooden or
> plastic handle.  Hooks come in various sizes.

Where do you find them?

> This is absolutely wonderful for applying serious
> quantities of beads.  In
> that case, you're working the opposite way.  The top
> would be the
> underpart, where the thread with the beads is.  The
> part you're actually
> working, where you can see the chain stitch, is the
> underside.

So you thread the beads first, then work tambour
upside down, pulling up the thread between beads?  Way

> Caveat:  This is a chain stitch and must be well
> secured.  Otherwise, you
> could lose the whole thing.
> Donna/Rosalind

I'm sensing some way cool beaded Russian and Mongolian
garb coming on!

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