HNW - reply - tambour vs chain stitch

Diane S. Sawyer tasha_medved at
Thu Sep 16 08:47:50 PDT 1999

- --- "Marquez, Pearl" <pmarquez at> wrote:
> you said < This is absolutely wonderful for applying
> serious quantities of
> beads.  In
> > that case, you're working the opposite way.  The
> top would be the
> > underpart, where the thread with the beads is. 
> The part you're actually
> > working, where you can see the chain stitch, is
> the underside. > 
> > 
> 	so, if your beads are close together, no problem
> with you thread
> showing, but if they're a half inch apart or an inch
> apart (whatever), you
> have thread showing on the top of your garb???
> 	maggie

You could do regular tambour stitch between widely
spaced beads, I suppose... and if you used a
contrasting thread, it could look really spiffy... but
I think the intent was to make it easier to do a
BOATLOAD (ie outlining or encrusting) of beadwork
quickly without having to either sew them individually
or couch down a string of beads, which is a pain in
the butt.

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