HNW - defuzzing flannel

Merouda the True of Bornover keltia at
Thu Sep 16 10:16:55 PDT 1999

Yikes, with all the time it would take to have a doubtfully suitable surface, I
would just spend the money on some evenweave.  Cynthia

Tara German wrote:

> I have just found a source for cheap, white, evenweave fabric that I could
> do counted thread embroidery on.  Unfortunately, that fabric is flannel and
> while one side would look very nice, the nap would drive me batty, both to
> stitch over and to wear.  Plus, I want to do some reversible work which
> wouldn't look too good over a bunch of fuzz.  So is there a way to defuzz
> it?
> I thought about using one of those clothing shavers or even (gasp!) my
> electric razor but I suppose that wouldn't be practical.  Any suggestions?
> Tara
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