HNW - reply - tambour vs chain stitch

Donna Kenton kenton at
Thu Sep 16 11:12:15 PDT 1999

I've seen tambour on thin veils.  You just have to use appropriately sized
hooks and thread.


At 09:07 AM 9/16/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>--- "Diane S. Sawyer" <tasha_medved at> wrote:
>> You could do regular tambour stitch between widely
>> spaced beads, I suppose... and if you used a
>> contrasting thread, it could look really spiffy...
>> but
>> I think the intent was to make it easier to do a
>> BOATLOAD (ie outlining or encrusting) of beadwork
>> quickly without having to either sew them
>> individually
>> or couch down a string of beads, which is a pain in
>> the butt.
>> Tasha
>I have another qustion about tambour -- what materials
>would it be worked on, particularly for beading?  I
>was thinking that it would make an amazing back
>pattern on a Mongol robe, but I then I thought that I
>might not want to do this directly on the silk or
>satin....  I suppose I could work directly on
>embroidery reinforcement stuff, then applique... I
>think I just answered my own question.  Would it work?
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